Thursday, February 02, 2006

Silverwood Lake

Well it is time for round Two! This Saturday Bobby and I are once again going to take on a Lake. This time it is Silverwood in Hesperia. According to the most recent fish report the lake just got an unscheduled plant of Trout last week. Hopefully those fish will stick around and come our direction. Silverwood has some good Striper and Largemouth Bass action but it is still a little slow this time of year. I am going to start with a Gulp Worm on a Carolina rig in hopes of enticing a Trout or Bass. I got quite a bit of gear from Turners this week that I am anxious to try out. I am going to give the fish lots of different looks and use differenttechniques that I don't normally use. I have a good feeling about this trip, hopefully my feeling pays off.


Bobby said...

So a I am pretty stoked on tomorrow! There is some good potential and I plan on going in swinging. I still have to make a stop by Turners or Big 5 or something... Maybe tonight. But it will be sweet either way. Good ol' Millers Canyon. Okay to set the stage, last time I was there my friend and I got in our boxers and went out into the water (strange trend) to put us closer to the fish. We were close alright, so close that I had like a 2 pound nasty orange fish (I think it was a Carp) swim right between my legs. Needless to say I didn't catch anything that day, nor have I at any other attempt at the Wood. But this time is different. This time we will be ready. Saturaday with Rod and Starbucks... The metro approach to fishing.

Chauncy said...

Leave your Metro Approaches out of My fishing! LOL! It will be good tomorrow. Tonight I am going to rig up so I can hit the ground runing so to speak. I changed my mind and decided to start with a Rainbow Trout colored Rat-L-Trap so we shall see how it goes! One way or another it can't be worse then last week!