Monday, February 06, 2006

Just another Adventure

So there we were staring down two coyotes.
"What Should we do?" Asks Bobby
I could tell he was scared and so could the coyotes.
"Don't worry Bobby." I say as I pull out my Cold Steel blade, "There are scarier things on this road then Coyotes."
Bobby looks at me questionably and asks "Like what?"
But wait, I am getting ahead of myself, lets go back a tic.
Bobby and I got to Silverwood about 6:45. The lakes main gates were closed and were to open at 7. We waited patiently for the ranger to arrive reliving our pasts lives in Vana'diel. Finally the moment came and the gates were opened. After waiting in a long line and driving all the way into the park Bobby aka Magellan says to me, "I think we went in the wrong entrance".
Now we are back on the road pulling off at the Miller Canyon exit. After a little confusion where to go and a brief encounter with a Corrections Facility we find the road to the lake. The gate is closed so we decide to hike in. We took only the bare necessities, fishing poles and gear. We left the ice chest and chairs in the X-terra and headed out. A mile into our hike to the lake we come across the coyotes as mentioned above and it goes down exactly like that, I am not making this up.
Finally at the lake we begin to fish. I went with a rainbow trout colored 1/4 oz Rat-L-Trap and Bobby went with a yellow Jig. After several change ups and 3 hours later it is time to head back.
The road to the lake seemed forever long on the way down so we knew the walk back would hard. After half a mile we see a small trail that is headed the same direction we are. Bobby and I agree that the road looks flatter and maybe a short cut back to the car. Well about another half a mile we realize that this trail is looping back around the lake. Bobby with his sharp eyes sees a "path" going up the hill back to the road. We decide to go up the hill because it would be "quicker" then going back around. I go up take the lead and quickly realize that this hill is very unstable and the ground gives way with every step I take. On all fours I scratch and crawl up the hill. I can hear Bobby behind me and I know he is struggling as well but I just keep pushing on. At several points I consider just stopping and dying on this hill but somewhere deep inside myself I find the strength to push on. Grasping for land I grab hold of a branch and pull myself to the top of the hill and flop onto the road. I can hear Bobby almost at the top when he says "Pull me up!" so for the second time this trip I save Bobby and pull him to the road.
Back on the road we are wiped out and we still have the long road ahead of us. At this point Bobby is the one who is going strong and I am dragging ass. My legs are killing me, I can't breathe and I am pretty sure I have swallowed at least 3 gnats! Bobby is getting irritated by the gnats and we both keep thinking that around the next corner will be the car.
Finally we turn the corner and see the car! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! We get into the ice chest and crack open a Weinhards Root beer. The day was over....but our adventures will continue


Tiffany Denton said...

I'm glad you guys had fun and made it out alive to tell us this exciting adventure!!

Anonymous said...


I caught a fish and have a picture to prove it! It was a 2 lb'r at Canyon Lake. I tried to post it but I suck... Anyways, I can't wait to go out together again! Its on 2006, i got the fever.