Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well it’s been a long time since I have made a post so here is my attempt to play catch up. A few weeks ago I got my Tube (pictured above) and I love it! I went with the Orange color to help increase my visibility to boaters. Picking my tube was easy for me, I wanted something that would give great stability, would hold me out of the water instead of sitting in the water, would be easy to maneuver and would not break my bank. After reading all of the reviews online I chose the Fish Cat 4 which I have dubbed “the General Lee” due to its color. It met all my criteria and then some. It was comfortable to be in and very stable. My wife did not want me going out without first testing it so we went to her parent’s pool. I leaned every which way and still could not tip it over. Even leaning forward I never felt unstable. I am very happy with my choice. Choosing my waders was much more difficult. I am not a tall guy nor am I short and skinny. So it was hard to find a pair of waders that would fit comfortably. I went with my wife to Sports Authority and tried on some different types (and let me say putting on Neoprene waders over your clothes in the back of a store is not a fun process). I finally decided on a pair of Stearns Hodgman Lakestream Lite Breathable Stockingfoot Waders. They are much roomer and lighter then the neoprene ones yet still kept me warm. Finally for my fins I just got a pair of Creek Company Tube Fins and they do the job (not much to say, there just fins).

So with my gear all ready I hit Lake Perris. It was Sunday March 26th and it was a nice overcast day when took the General Lee out for her maiden voyage! The General isn’t too heavy but it was somewhat awkward walking from the car to the beach in waders carrying the tube and my pole. After reaching the water I had no problems entering the tube and getting my fins on. Since this was my first tubing outing I wanted to stay close to shore so I worked my way down the dam. It is a strange experience having you legs dangle in the water and not getting wet but it is one that I enjoy. About mid dam I hit a 13in Rainbow on a Panther Martin. It was awesome! I had heard the fights were better in a tube due to not having as much leverage and they were right! I had the Rainbow on the Generals apron for measurement when the fish sparked back to life and flopped off! So no picture but it was a pretty fish. I stayed out on the water for about 6 hours (7am – 1pm) and got the one trout. It definitely tires you out being on the water kicking around that long. I think once I get more time on the water my legs will get used to it more and I will be able to not be as tired at the end of the day. All and all it was a great day! Now all I need is for Bobby to get a tube…..

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